Oriented to Bio-Medicine

“Every Field has Its Master!” Different from other traditional patent agencies whose services cover all areas, PreintellIP is committed to providing first-class service in the filed of bio-medicine, playing a leading role in the innovation and development of bio-pharmaceutical in China.  "Specialization leads to Profession; Specialization leads to Excellency!"

Targeted to Client’s Satisfaction

Client’s satisfaction being its goal, PreIntelI  takes everything about clients as important, always putting itself in clients’ position and thinking and acting whatever the clients would like to think and act. PreintellIP is dedicated itself to providing high quality services, from patent procedure to practice, from patent layout to transfer. And just because of this, PreintellIP continuously receives praises and referral from clients.

Succeeded by In-depth Service

Striving to meet clients' needs for professional and comprehensive high-end patent services, including in-depth researches like patent mining, patent strategic planning and patent technology transfer, PreintellIP builds a matrix of professional team and on-demand project groups, taking professional practice areas as the horizontal and clients demands as vertical. PreintellIP enjoys sterling reputation in high quality and efficiency with its perseverance in deep patent services.

Grown with Continuous Innovation

The strategic guideline that PreintellIP has always been holding is to drive growth with continuous innovation. Bio-medicine is one of the industries with the highest innovation threshold that is accompanied by numerous industrial innovation. Serving in this field, PreintellIP takes the lead in constantly initiating innovation, growing and moving forward together with clients.

Developed by Extensive Talent

Believing that the core competitiveness of patent service lies in talent, PreintellIP is doing everything in its power to attract excellent talent in patent technology to join the team. Most of our team members have graduated from top universities at home and abroad, many of whom are senior technical experts, government officials or financial talents who have ever worked in well-known research or investment institutions before they are motivated by PreintellIP business philosophy and join PreintellIP to build the company together.

About PreintellIP

Beijing Preintell Intellectual Property Agent Ltd. (PreintelIP) is one of the few companies in China that focuses on patent mining, patent prosecution and technology transfer in the fields of biology and medicine. As one of the excellent bio-medical patent service institutions, PreintellIP is proud to have a professional team consisting of over 20 patent attorneys, technology experts, and consultants.
#1210, Building 3, 10 Ronghua South Road, BDA, Beijing, China